Wednesday, August 14, 2013

For Your Review: Weaving for Fun and Stashbusting!

I got bit by the weaving bug, hard, just a few weeks ago. A friend of mine loaned me a little rigid heddle loom to try and I was hooked when I finished my first project - two hours later.

Let that sink in. My FIRST project, which was a not-tiny scarf, only took me two hours to weave. Start to finish.

Weaving is a great way to explore color combinations, use up bits of stash yarns, and finally have something to do with that handspun yarn you loved to spin but never “told” you what you should knit with it. It’s fun to weave it, instead!

So, I started researching looms.

I picked a 25-inch Schacht Flip. It’s big enough that I can weave an afghan in just two panels (or a really big one in three), I can add a second heddle later to do double-weave, and it still folds up so that it’s not super-huge and totally taking over the living room all of the time. All from a company I already really love because of my Ladybug wheel. Perfection!

If you’re choosing a loom and can’t decide what you need, this video from Paradise Fibers might help you. It really covers a lot of the factors you should think about.

So, there are a bunch of new words to learn and almost as much new stuff to get! But, it uses up stash yarn!

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