Monday, March 29, 2010

HSJ Swag Bag Teaser

Check out the hot new swag bags that Victoria and Tally made for Hop, Stitch & A Jump! Can you believe we're just giving them away?!?! I take that back, we're not just giving them away, we're giving them away chalk FULL of fiber surprises. 3 Kittens and StevenBe have this great event worked out for all you amazing knitters that love to come to Mpls for the Yarn Over. I will be our version of a Minnesota Knitting movie premier complete with parties and chauffeurs.
More information about Cookie A. and Lucy Neatby seminars on April 16th and April 18th at StevenBe and 3Kittens Needle Arts.

Register for all 4 classes and receive the Academy Award Swag Bag!

1 comment:

Pat France said...

What a great bag!!