Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Steven knitting & is Purl purling?

We have welcomed a new addition to our fiber family. Purl was brought to us by Caroline, who spins our signature StevenBe yarn. Purl is a French Angora bunny and she lives at StevenBe with Steven. She is 5 months old and she is adjusting well. Let's just hope Steven adjusts well, too. Come in and you may catch a glimpse of Purl hopping between the shelves.

We had a great Knitting in General event on Saturday, March 6th. Knitting in General is the General Mills knitting club. Steven works with them on their charity projects. During this special event we made the FABULOUS French Press slippers. Steven demonstrated his short cut and he made his own "Wild Thing" version. The slippers have been a big hit on Ravelry and the pattern is now available at the Yarn Garage & StevenBe. If you haven't already, you should join Ravelry. It is an amazing online knitting & crochet community.

StevenBe has been chosen as the exclusive Minnesota distributor! The needles will arrive the beginning of April just in time for Spring. Be sure to stop in to see them!

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RuthieJ said...

Oh Purl is such a sweet looking bunny! What a joy she must be to cuddle up with.