Thursday, March 18, 2010

Kiss me I'm knitting!

We celebrated St. Patrick’s day with green cup cakes and cookies whilst knitting on spring related items. It’s hard to find objects that can be knitted and worn through out the warmer months, but with silk, cotton and hemp yarn it’s possible.

Steven spent time showing us a wonderful trunk show last night which consisted of new and beautiful yarns for spring wear and also some famed and coveted Signature
Needles. Steven is the only yarn store in the midwest who carries these beautiful needles. So, if you really love you’re knitting and have always wanted to own a BMW you need to just hold these needles for a sample of luxury.

*If you can find the typo in this post, email Steven ( for a free pattern of your choosing on his website.

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twinsetellen said...

After our conversation last night about blogs, I log onto Ravelry this morning and find I am now picking up your blog feed in my friends page. LOL - maybe I DO read shop blogs!