Wednesday, February 6, 2013

For Your Review: Merino Roving, Spun Thicker

I got my hands on another bunch of beautiful Ashland Bay Fibers Merino top, in a lovely dark green. Unlike the last time I spun it, I wanted to make a yarn that was as fluffy, soft, and cozy as possible.

So, I tore off chunks of roving and spun my singles from the fold.

After the singles were finished, I plied the yarn so that it would be nice and bouncy.

And, boy, is it!

I would call it a heavy worsted or maybe even bulky-weight. It is VERY soft, and it won't stand up to hard wear, at all, so I'll have to plan the project for it carefully. A hat, maybe? Probably more than one!

If you haven't tried spinning from the fold, you should. It's easy and a nice way to get a good handle on your fiber. Come get your hands on some of this top before I spin it all!

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