Tuesday, February 26, 2013

StevenBe's Amazing Adventure in Amsterdam!

Chunky knits was my theme for this past fall but didn’t get much done as life took over. Nice to see someone was on the same game plan. These were all super-chunky hand knits and crochet for the rope-like yarn we have at StevenBe. This is one of my favorite pages on Pinterest. Follow all of my boards for the latest on all these fun, fashionable fantastic trends.

This was the mood of the whole store. Very casual and strewn about. Notice in particular the mega chunky shell stitch crochet pillow in the center. All the neutral tones worked so well together. I really want to go back to this shop one more time.

The whole store was filled with these types of hand crochet and knit. I am in love. Want to make some for the store and my loft.

Love the idea of how these knits work with all the elements of style for our lives. Check out the huge cowl on the mannequin behind the flowers. All the men here are even wearing them. Also love the chandelier. The rug in the bottom left was amazing too as it was all made of felted locks like the Ozark fleeces we have.

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twinsetellen said...

Of course you love the chandelier! No surprise there to those who love you. :-)