Friday, March 1, 2013

A great event in Cape Town, South Africa!

The opening night party of Design indaba. Check out the gig here….. Afternoon cocktails on lawn beanbags. In the background the bar is set up in and old freight forwarding container from the bay.

The DJ is everywhere. Saw this all over Amsterdam too. The clothing shops, restaurants/coffee shops all had DJ’s. Gives a fun funk vibe to any event. I think we should institute a jazz/Frank Sinatra DJ Sat. evenings at StevenBe.

This is the main stage of the event. Friday we are full on Indaba conference. We have lectures all day and Expo market on Saturday. What an amazing inspirational event.


twinsetellen said...

How about Friday evenings? That's when I could really use an evening of Sinatra.

twinsetjan said...

How about sometime during Finer Fest? (She selfishly suggests a time when she will be in MN!)