Monday, March 4, 2013

Show and Tell: Paulina Sweater

Dudine on Ravelry (she prefers to keep her "real" name private) made a lovely Paulina Sweater with Habu Textiles A-174 1/8.5 Cotton Gima.

She had this to say about it.

Favorite parts: great outcome without having to think much. Quick. Good project for a hot summer: no wool in your lap. A bit of modesty for all my sleeveless tops.

Absolute favorite: The first time I wore it was to a wedding. Within 5 minutes of arriving, someone asked me where they could buy it!

Advice to a friend: Do it! A very satisfying project.

Sooooo pretty! Thanks, Dudine!

The photo is from her Ravelry page, and is used with her permission.

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