Wednesday, March 20, 2013

For Your Review: A Swift!

My friend pointed out that her new ball winder wouldn't be very useful without a swift, which she already had.

I love this wood, tabletop version, because it can be used both to unwind skeins of yarn into cakes and wind yarn into skeins off of, say, a spinning wheel.

Also, it's pretty! And, when you're not using it, you can take it apart, so it stores really easily. 

My first swift was an umbrella-style one that had to be clamped to a table. I like this one a lot more because, well, it looks nicer and works just as well. Also I'm less likely to pop myself in the mouth with it, as I have done with the umbrella one, before. 

What's your favorite knitting/spinning tool?

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Pearl said...

Hello, will you be able to tell me the name of this swift or where can I buy it?
Thanks in advance