Friday, October 12, 2012

From Our Fabulous Fashion Show

Thank you to everyone that helped create a magical evening of fashion, knits, and giving on Saturday night!  It was our first fashion show at the Pillsbury House and it was AMAZING! Our models were gorgeous and Steven was hilarious as always. Oh, and don't forget the knits! They were HOT, HOT, HOT! Second Debut and Motto provided the garments worn under the knits and they were fantastic as well! There were more than a few pieces I wanted for myself! Ooo, la, la! I hope you all enjoyed Steven's myriad of feather boas!

We all worked for a week putting it all together. Of course, a bit of it is just a hope and a prayer that it all comes together, like when I had FINALLY corralled the models and Richard Moody and stylists over to the Pillsbury House to start the show and then Steven was nowhere to be found! I ran out of the stage entrance (in my 4-inch platform stilettos) to find Steven CALMLY walking down the sidewalk with a HUGE feather boa around his neck, GIGANTIC designer sunglasses on his face, and IMPOSSIBLY pointy boots on his feet. He was carrying an Ikea bag full of more feather boas for his "outfit changes." I screeched at him and he said, "What? I'm coming. Don't get so worked up; the show can't start without me!" Well, yeah, that was exactly why I was screeching!  The poor models were sweltering in their nordic sweaters waiting backstage! The show went smoothly except for when I inadvertently held up the hip hop dancer because I was demanding him to take a picture in the dressing room. I didn't REALIZE he was the hip hop dancer, ok! Then, there was the model that fell off her platform heels while wearing the extraordinary floor length Great Adirondack coat. Whoops! Thank you to everyone that attended and donated money! The StevenBe Creative Community Foundation now has funds to help those in need. Two things we are working on are a youth knitting program and hats for the homeless.

We had too many fantastic photos get them all into a blog post, so we made a slideshow! (This is HOT STUFF, guys!)

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