Monday, October 8, 2012

Show and Tell: Amarillo Shawl

Julie Bierlein (juliebie on Ravelry) made a gorgeous Amarillo Shawl out of 1 skein of madelinetosh pashmina. You can see a bunch more of her projects here.

Here’s what she had to say.

Q. What was your favorite part of knitting this project?

A. My favorite parts of knitting this project were the yarn and the garter stitch edging. The yarn was fantastically smooth and soft and the combination of the yarn and garter stitch turned out super squishy and touchable. It was also a very fast project, and the rhythm of lace sections to stockinette sections provided a nice way to easily track my progress. I have knit with other merino/cashmere blend yarns and there was something so different about Pashmina that I really liked. I think it’s the silk content that sets it apart for me. It adds some strength to the cashmere and complements the softness of both other fibers.

Q. What advice would you offer a friend who was thinking of knitting it, too?

A. Pick a yarn that you love. Something you can’t stop touching or squeezing in the skein. I like to wear my shawls wrapped around my neck more like scarves so for me it was important to have a yarn that was next-to-the-skin soft. Also, try knitting one section per sitting – a lace section one night, a stockinette section the next, etc. It’s a very simple lace pattern good for beginner lace knitters so it’s nice to break it up in chunks in my opinion.

Thanks, Julie! Gorgeous knitting.

(Photos are used from Julie's Ravelry site, with her permission.)

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