Monday, January 21, 2013

Show and Tell: Cathy's Art Yarn Cowl

Cathy Cole of Chicago wrote in about her art yarn cowl.

"I bought the fantastic handspun yarn that was pink and black, it had be hives and rabbit hair puffs, black and pink and white wool. I got it in October at the Vouge knitting market and I used #19 needles because I knit tight. Because I had so much handspun I decided to do 4 rows of it at the bottom before casting off still using knit one row purl the next. After casting off I still had yarn so I made some fabulous tassels that add a bit of Cathy to it. I love tassels! Just thought I would show you the final result in the art yarn cowl pattern."

Thanks Cathy! It is such a great use of handspun.

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