Monday, January 28, 2013

Show and Tell: Jenn Weidner's Latest Art Yarn Project

Jenn Weidner of J. Rae Fashion wrote in again to tell us about her latest super-fun art yarn project. 

“I crocheted 120 circles and 70 leaves in 2 patterns, but 4 sizes. I used 2 circle techniques, and 2 leaf styles in 4 different sizes.

The shawl is based off of a Prudence Mapstone pattern that I changed to fit my needs. I saw the pattern and loved it, but I made more variety in my piece and just used her pattern as a guide. She used 1 circle, and 1 leaf pattern, with no negative space.

The project is very portable as all pieces are individually knit and crocheted and then sewn together at the end.

I used art yarn for the circles and leaves, but you need a natural fiber for the final attachments. I chose to whip stitch my piece together in the end. The natural fiber will retain its shape, and it's not slippery like art yarns can be.

Yarns I used:
Yarn Bee - riot eyelash (imperial), aurora (wood glow), haute fur (abyss)
Feza - mesmerize, alp dazzle
King Cole - romana chunky
For Stitching:
Be Sweet - skinny wool (charcoal)
Fibra Natura - flax (purple)

I used a piece of my kid’s easel paper and cut it to my desired dimensions. I took my leaves and circles and moved them around until I had the shape and used all of my pieces. I wanted a thick and thin pattern, but you could easily create a uniform piece too!

Needles and hooks varied according to yarn recommendations. The variety adds to the overall piece and its better to have it for this piece. Also, mistakes are great. You can't see them so no need to worry!

I left negative space in my piece and mixed up yarns and sizes to create variety!"


What a fun project, Jenn! Thanks for sharing again!

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